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dans un interview pour le magazine "Marca" martina déclare ne pas penser un seul instant a la retraite et parle de sa vie de joueuse de tennis !



Hingis: “I do not think about retirement, I continue training hard


In spite of to have been born in Kosice (Slovakia) the 30 of September of 1980, emigrated to the eight years towards Switzerland, of where he feels. Trained by its mother Melanie, Hingis as much got to be number one of the world in individual (in 1997) like in the discipline of doubles (in 1998). It left the racket during years, but the last year it returned to the load with the intention to return to the top and to enjoy the racket. He trains hard for it, but between raquetazo and raquetazo, Martina has taken care of the call of…
Very good Martina, at what moment of form you are at the moment?
I hope that my results improve definitively in the next weeks. I have recently been working hard and am playing well actually. I need to play more starting off to roll themselves and to be able to play so well in the parties as I do it in the training.
Which is your objective of here to end of season?

At the moment, I only think about going party to party. I will continue training hard and I know that if I correct a pair of things, the results will arrive.
When we will see you again in the Top Ten of the WTA?

As soon as possible! Work for it and is an objective for me.
Although it is difficult that somebody does not know you, How you would define yourself as tennis player?
I would say that I am a player of all the surfaces. Depending on the game and the surface, I can take advantage of my force. But in general, I emphasize the capacity which I must to play from the bottom, to use the angles and also to raise the network.
By the way, how takes that of which your mother is your trainer?

My mother has a great influence on my game. She knows my tennis from outside and she has helped me to reach the top. She is my mother outside the track and my trainer within her and we managed to maintain a good relation in both scopes.
Which are your better moments like tennis player?
To be number one of the ranking and to gain Grand Slams me makes very happy. They are moments that I will remember during all my life.


Having won as much in individual and double, objective what, I put, matches you have left to surpass or to win?
It is important to make exercise to be healthy and in form. Desire to follow is equally important there for me. I do not give anything by seated and I continue training hard. There are many good players there and for that reason you must play your better tennis if you try to win.
How you see from within the tennis of the present time? What names you would emphasize?
There are many players emphasizing at the moment. Serena and Venus are always players to consider; Henin has had an amazing year; and Jelena Jankovic has arrived at upper quickly. In any case, I do not pay attention excessively to the others, only to my own game.


Being elite tennis player, you have left time for you, Martina?
Yes. Obvious tennis occupies most of my time, but I like much the horses and sometimes I go to the races. Like the rest of women, I like to go of purchases and also to enjoy a good film.
You like the horses?
Yes, much. I have some to which care…
Thought Tienes date of retirement? (I hope that not). When the moment arrives, you have considered what you will be in your life? we will see you training, commenting, making another thing to the margin of tennis…?
Right now I do not think about retirement, only in going party to party. Although there is state outside the circuit during some time, still I am young to know to what I will dedicate myself later!
There will already be time for it…


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Lundi 24 septembre 1 24 /09 /Sep 15:09
next Sunday martina will celebrate its 27 years,also
in advance I wish him a super birthday!
my princess , my queen ,
martina I hope that for 2008 you will be has your maximum!
here  all the fans of martina can leave him a message of supports and a sympathetic word for its 27 years!
thanks has martina to make us dream , merçi with the member of and has his webmaster marckus!
martina i'm love you forever :)

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Mercredi 19 septembre 3 19 /09 /Sep 11:45

martina a façilement passer le premier tour du tournois de pekin en battant la chinoise tiantian sun en deux petits sets et en moins d'une heure sur le score de 6/2 6/3 ( 58 minutes ) , que dire de ce match elle a super bien servit ( 70 % de premiére ) a commis peu de fautes , mais elle manque toujours autant de puissance , heureusement que son sens du jeux est toujours aussi intense !

aujourd'hui elle rencontre une autre chinoise mais cette fois çi méfiance car c est la numero 2 peng schuai et l'an dernier elle avait causer des souçis a martina au 1er tour de l'usopen ( victoires en 3 sets de martina ) si martina passe cet obstacle elle rencontrera la française amélie mauresmo pour un quart de finale choc !

Cliquez pour voir l'image en taille réelle

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Samedi 15 septembre 6 15 /09 /Sep 15:11

voila la miss se trouve a pékin , elle est son staff dans lequel j'ais reconnus sa mére et nouvel entraineurs mélanie molitor , plus agents, et autres services de securitée en meme temps son tableaux est tomber et il ne sera pas évident avec pour 1er et 2éme tour deux joueuse chinoise ( sun tiantian et peng schuai ) toujours trés dangereuse devant leur plublics , apres sans doute un quart de finale contre amélie mauresmo , puis kuznetsova et jankovic voire davenport seront sur la route d'un 44 éme titres en simple !

IPB Image

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Mardi 11 septembre 2 11 /09 /Sep 15:53

alors maintenant je peux vous dire que martina finira l'année avec 3 tournois qui sont pékin , sttutgart et enfin pour essayer de faire bonne figure son tournois maison : zurich , l'année 2007 aura vraiment etait une année blanche car a part le mois de janvier ou elle fait une finale ( gold coast ) un quart a l'australian open et un titre ( tokyo ) le reste de l'année se resume a blessure , forfait et contreperformances j'espere qu'en 2008 elle fera mieux car martina va certainement arreter fin 2008 , dans un interview pour la tsr elle indique qu'elle jouera certainement les jeux olympiques de pékin mais aprés ce sera certainements une nouvelle vies , alors prochains tournois pékin , l'année derniere martina avait gagner a calcutta donc elle aura 120 pts a defendre , une demi-finale a pekin serait le minimum .....

voiçi quelques tofs du derniers evrnts de martina a new york :

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